You would benefit from Pathway Balancing Kinesiology (PBK),Reiki Healing and Life Coaching using NLP techniques.

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Pathway Balancing Kinesiology (PBK)


Reiki and Seichem


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


Shirley A Wilkins - A bit about me

I have worked in the NHS as an Adult and Children's Nurse, School Nurse, Health Visitor, Educator and  Manager for over 40 years. I understand about illness and treatments and have great respect and admiration for all that our National Health Service can and does do. Throughout my NHS career I have enhanced my understanding of  how our minds and bodies work together to influence each other.

In the last 10 years I have developed my alternative practice, studying and using therapies to treat clients.  I strongly believe there is more to treating illness whether that be physical or mental than just with surgery or medicines.  My  5 year study and 3 years post qualification practice in Pathway Balancing Kinesiology has allowed me to realise personally and within my client work what changes can occur due to this treatment and how this can influence lives for the better.

I have known Shirley for a few years since she trained with myself and Janet Gorrie in Reiki & Seichem up to Master level, and I have had treatments with her including Pathway Balancing. Shirley is a highly empathic, compassionate therapist utilising her intuitive side, as well as the professional and Knowledge base of her nursing background and her recent training’s.

Sue Preston-Eyles